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Titled The "Land & Water" Map of the War, this 1915 map was conceived by Hilaire Belloc and printed for the publishers “Land and Water” by Dobson, Molle & Co., Ltd., in Edinburgh and London. Providing an intricate depiction of the geopolitical landscape during World War I, the map delineates various elements including belligerent areas, political boundaries, fortified zones, obstacles such as rivers, hill country, and fen-land, railways, roads, canals, industrial areas, and neutral countries. It is a sophisticated document offering a complex visual summary of the various factors affecting the conflict.

The publication of this map during the heart of World War I underscores the intense interest in and the complexity of the war. The interplay of geography, industrialization, politics, and military strategy are captured in the map's intricate symbols and lines. The presence of fortified zones and natural obstacles highlights the significance of terrain in the conduct of the war, while the inclusion of industrial areas illustrates the importance of manufacturing and production to the war effort.

Hilaire Belloc, a prominent historian and writer of his time, was instrumental in creating this map. His association with "Land & Water," a publication noted for its coverage of the war, adds credibility to the map's content. The extensive detailing and expert insight reflected in this cartographic document reveal the nuances of war planning and strategy of the period.

This map serves as a valuable historical object, representing a unique convergence of cartography, military history, and geopolitical analysis during a critical period in world history. It embodies the challenges and dynamics of a global conflict, providing a visually rich and informative perspective on the Great War. Its significance is not only confined to its cartographic excellence but extends to its function as a historical document, encapsulating the complexity of a world at war and the intricate relationships between geography, politics, industry, and military strategy.

Condition Description
Folding map. Original covers.