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Antique map of Algiers from the Spanish edition of Jacques Philippe Laugier de Tassy's Histoire du royaume d'Alger (History of the Kingdom of Algeria).

A key indicates city gates, the navy fort, lime kilns, important houses, and stone-carrying slaves.  The complete is as follows:

  1. Fuerte de la Marina: Marine Fort or Navy Fort
  2. Galeota de Guardia: Guard Galley (Galeota typically refers to a type of ship, especially in the Mediterranean context).
  3. Puerta del Muelle: Dock Gate or Wharf Gate
  4. Puerta de Babazira, ú, de la Pescaderia: Babazira Gate, or Fishery Gate
  5. Fuerte de Babbazon: Babbazon Fort
  6. Caserias ô Cazernas: Houses or Barracks (The word seems to indicate residential areas, possibly military barracks).
  7. Casa de Rey: King's House or Royal Palace
  8. Puerta Nueba û de Babaxedit: New Gate or Babaxedit Gate
  9. Puerta de Babaloet: Babaloet Gate
  10. Casa de un Murabuto muy distinguido: House of a very distinguished Murabito (Murabito references the home of a Muslim religious leader).
  11. Esclavos Piedra que acarrean: Stone-carrying Slaves 
  12. Fuerte de Babaloet: Babaloet Fort
  13. Hornos de Cal: Lime Kilns or Lime Ovens
  14. Lugar de la Asamblea de los Oficiales de Marina y del Puerto: Place of the Assembly of Navy and Port Officials or Meeting Place of the Naval and Port Officers
  15. Puerta de Babazon: Babazon Gate

Laugier de Tassier was appointed chancellor at the French consulate in Algiers in 1717 and became chief administrator in Amsterdam in 1720.

Condition Description
Minor foxing. Some toning and thining in fold-lines, including pinholes at cross-folds and split at mid-centerfold. Flattened.