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Yak-15 Night Silhouettes, a dramatic air identification poster issued in July 1949, provides an intriguing glimpse into the aeronautical design and technology of the early Cold War era. This document features the Yakovlev Yak-15, a pioneering jet fighter developed by the Soviet Union, prominently characterized by its streamlined form, 32' 10" wingspan, and a length of 29'.

Situated at the outset of the jet age, the post-World War II period marked an epoch of rapid innovation in aviation design and technology. Among the vanguard of these developments was the Soviet Yakovlev design bureau, renowned for their contributions to the evolution of jet-powered aircraft. The Yak-15, unveiled in the late 1940s, epitomized this wave of technological advancements, with its design embodying the shift from propeller-driven aircraft to jet propulsion.

The aerodynamic profile of the Yak-15, as outlined in the Night Silhouettes diagrams, represents a key milestone in aviation history. The aircraft's specifications, including its wingspan and length, reflect the fundamental design principles that governed the early jet fighters. The lack of explicit armament details, typical of classified military documents of the period, underscores the secretive nature of technological competition during the early Cold War era.

The poster itself, adorned with the label 'RESTRICTED', adds another layer of intrigue, alluding to the clandestine interplay of espionage and technology prevalent during the era. The presence of a German aero-engine— the B.M.W. 003— within the Soviet-designed Yak-15 also points towards the influence and appropriation of Axis technology in the post-war years, thus serving as a stark reminder of the tumultuous geopolitical climate of the time.

Condition Description
Vertical and horizontal fold.