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The lithographic print by Thompson & West vividly illustrates the residence of Theodore Reiser, a early figure in Anaheim's development and the early wine industry of Orange County.

The image captures Reiser's home during the period when Reiser was a thriving vintner and brewer in south Los Angeles (later Orange) County.

Born on September 7, 1829, in Lahr, Baden, Germany, Reiser's journey began by learning the art of wine-making on the Rhine at the tender age of fourteen. After honing his skills in Germany and Switzerland, he traveled to New York at nineteen, where he continued his trade as a cooper for four years before arriving in San Francisco in 1854.

Located at the intersection of Santa Ana and Olive Street, Reiser's house is beautifully depicted in the print, surrounded by a white picket fence.  

More than just a residence, the print features an inset displaying "A Corner Wine Vault of Theo. Reiser," filled with wine casks. This element emphasizes his significant role in introducing and cultivating wine-making in Anaheim. As one of the original members of the Los Angeles Vineyard Society, Reiser's vineyard planted with Mission grapes and later Zinfandel marked an era of prosperity until the vine disease struck in the late 1880s.

The print stands as a visual representation of both Reiser's beautiful home and his influential contribution to Anaheim and Orange County's wine heritage. Through elegant imagery, it captures a bygone era, honoring the man who helped shape the region's agricultural and cultural identity.