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The 5th Edition Robinson's Road Map of Queensland is an interesting early Australian automobile map published by H.E.C. Robinson Pty. Ltd. Compiled from "Official and Other Authentic Sources", this map provides a detailed view of Queensland's road network at a scale of 35 miles to an inch, as of its publication date in May 1928.

In a detailed note, the map emphasizes that the mileage shown must be regarded as approximate only. This is due to the lack of official records of road distances in Queensland at that time. However, the distances shown were carefully scaled using large-scale official maps and checked with various reliable sources, including speedometer records from the Royal Automobile Club of Queensland, Railway distances, and Mail contracts.

Additionally, the map includes insets labeled A-K, providing more focused looks at smaller regions within the larger map. These insets likely zoom in on specific areas, cities, or road networks, offering greater detail and information about those particular locales.

Published in Canberra, in the Commonwealth Territory, the 5th edition of this road map would have been a vital tool for travelers, government officials, and businesses alike during the late 1920s. The diligent compilation and presentation of the information reflect the thoroughness of the time, capturing both the expanding infrastructure of Queensland and the challenges of accurate distance measurement. It stands as a historical record and an informative piece for those studying the geography, transportation, and development of Queensland in that era.

Condition Description
Folding map mounted in original printed covers.