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This Mapas Turisticos Provinciales. Provincia de Salamanca is a tourist map of the province of Salamanca in Spain, edited by Hernando-S.A., based in Madrid. The illustrator for this map is Ramón Vicente Mesonero.

The map offers detailed geographical information, highlighting various elements of interest for tourists. These include capital cities, judicial districts, municipalities, towns and villages, altitude markers, rivers and watersheds, ports, railways, national highways, regional and local roads, and lakes and reservoirs. Distances are provided in kilometers.

An essential feature of the map is the 'Signos' or symbols section which serves as a legend to help the map reader understand the different icons represented. These symbols indicate a variety of locations and features such as hotels, hostels, inns, paradors (state-run luxury hotels in Spain), shelters, and guest houses.

The gazetteer is an integral part of the map. A gazetteer is an index or geographic dictionary used in conjunction with a map. It includes extensive data and details about the 'Ayuntamientos' (City Councils) in the Province of Salamanca.

Mapas Turisticos Provinciales. Provincia de Salamanca is not just a simple representation of the geographical area, but also serves as a practical guide for tourists, providing them with valuable information about the region's infrastructure and attractions. This map also reflects the mid-20th century's increased emphasis on promoting tourism in Spain, with maps playing a crucial role in facilitating and encouraging travel.

Date very roughly estimated.

Condition Description
Folding map mounted in orignial paper covers.