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A Vancouver-Published Map of the Klondike Gold Rush.

This 1898 Map of Klondike in the Canadian Yukon, produced by The Vancouver Map Co., provides an intriguing glimpse into the feverish activity of the Klondike Gold Rush. Unusually amongst such maps, it was produced in Vancouver, demonstrating a distinctively local perspective on the gold-seeking frenzy. Framed by advertisement panels promoting outfitter businesses, the map is a vibrant testament to the entrepreneurial spirit stoked by the prospect of Yukon gold.

The map is primarily centered on Dawson City, in Canada's upper Yukon Territory, where the gold strike had unleashed a rush of hopeful stampeders. Notably, the map is rendered with sparse topographical details and trails leading to the promising region, reflecting the rudimentary knowledge and hasty cartography associated with the headlong rush to newfound wealth.

Moreover, the map features the overprinting of mining districts in red, providing would-be miners with valuable orientation in the gold-rush landscape. This feature, though offering limited guidance to the gold fields, nonetheless presented a striking visual testament to the riches awaiting in the Canadian Yukon.

The surrounding advertisement panels are lively with promotions from a handful of Vancouver outfitters. These bold appeals are testament to the peripheral industries that burgeoned around the gold rush, with each advert suggesting that the right equipment and provisions could empower even the most inexperienced prospector to embark on the arduous journey to Dawson City.

The map also includes an extensive informational text on its verso, targeted at prospective gold-seekers. The encouragement offered to those "young, strong, healthy and endowed with unlimited patience and fortitude" underscores the sense of adventure and optimism that permeated this remarkable period. This unusual artifact offers a compelling snapshot of a pivotal moment in North American history when fortunes were sought—and sometimes found—in the wilds of the Canadian Yukon.


No copies located in OCLC.

Condition Description
Folding map with some wear and losses at folds and fold intersections. Some toning and soiling, as illustrated.