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First State, First Printing.

Virginiae Item et Floridae Americae Provinciarum, nova Descriptio, produced by Johannes Cloppenburg and published in Amsterdam in 1630, is a detailed representation of the Carolinas along with parts of Virginia and Georgia. Covering an expanse from St. Augustine to the north of "Chesepioock Sinus" and extending westward to the Alleghany Mountains, this map provides a precise account of the region, marking several emerging towns of the period.

The 17th century was a time of increasing European exploration and colonization in the Americas. Cartography played a pivotal role in these endeavors, providing essential knowledge for navigation and territorial claims. This map by Cloppenburg finds its origins in Jodocus Hondius's 1606 map of the region. The plate, though unsigned, is probably the work of Pieter van den Keere.

A highly collectible early map of the Southeast.


  1. 1630. No plate number engraved in the top right hand corner.
  2. 1673. The shot silk or moiré effect in the sea is removed.
  3. c. 1738. The plate number 254 engraved top right.
Burden 227, state 1 (of 3).
Johannes Cloppenburg Biography

Johannes Cloppenburg (sometimes Cloppenburgh; also H. Jan Evertsz and Johannes Everhardus) was a Dutch cartographer. Based in Amsterdam, he was active between roughly 1610 and 1644. He worked closely with the Hondius/Jansson firm and is credited with the 1630 edition of the Atlas Minor.