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Created circa 1958, the Air India International — The Route of the Magic Carpet is a small yet dynamic and detailed pictorial map, offering an extensive depiction of the mid-20th-century aviation routes of A.I.I.

This map embodies the burgeoning era of international air travel during the mid-twentieth century. With Air India International's routes crisscrossing a vast geographical expanse, the map showcases the emerging global connectedness of the time. Furthermore, the vivid depiction of the flight pathways, referred to as the "Route of the Magic Carpet," symbolizes the exoticism and fascination associated with air travel.

The depicted routes not only connect major global metropolises such as London, Moscow, and Tokyo, but also incorporate cities of significant cultural, historical, and political relevance, such as Delhi, Bombay, Tashkent, and Hong Kong. The coverage of East Asian destinations, including Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Tokyo, underscores the aviation network's extensive reach.

In addition to the Air India International routes, the map also features connecting carriers, thereby providing a more comprehensive picture of the global aviation network. This representation serves as a historical record of mid-century air travel, portraying the interconnectedness of major global hubs and the burgeoning accessibility of air transport.

The Air India International — The Route of the Magic Carpet map, with its vibrant visuals and rich details, not only serves as an engaging depiction of the period's aviation routes, but also as a historical testament to the era's growing global connectedness and the fascinating allure of air travel.

Condition Description
Mounted on poster linen.