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Rare presentation variant of the important Coast Survey chart Monterey Harbor California. Published by the United States Coast & Geodetic Survey, this chart offers a comprehensive view of Monterey Bay in 1852, providing valuable insights into the region's geography and coastal features.

Notably, the map includes a profile view of Point Pinos, a prominent geographical landmark in the area. Alongside this profile view, the map presents a detailed town plan of Monterey, highlighting key locations such as Point Pinos, Point Anlon, Point Almejor Mussell, the Lagoon, Fort, Ruins of the old battery, Cemetery, and Customs House. These annotations contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of the physical and cultural landscape of Monterey in the mid-19th century.

Originally established as the United States Coast Survey, the organization evolved into the United States Coast & Geodetic Survey in 1878. This map serves as a testament to the early days of this influential agency, which played a vital role in surveying and mapping the coastal areas of the United States.


This particular presentation variant of the map is noteworthy for its inclusion of an engraved note above the neatline. The note reads: "Presented to under authority of an Act of the Congress of the United States of June 3d, 1844, and by direction of the Treasury Department A.D. Bache, Superintendent Coast Survey." This statement highlights the official nature of the map, underscoring its authenticity and the recognition of its value as an authoritative source of information.

Condition Description
Thick paper. Foxing.