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"Plan of Lot or Township No. 53", an exactingly surveyed map of a portion of King's County and Prince Edward Island in Canada, was created in June 1819 by Robert Fox, Deputy Surveyor General. The map, an original manuscript survey, represents the property of the Earls of Westmorland and Selkirk and Viscount Melville, offering a detailed view of the land divisions and geographical features of the area during the early 19th century.

The map includes representations of parts of the Montague River, Brudenell River, and Cardigan River, as well as a portion of George Town Royalty. The precision of the survey is evident in the detailed measurements and divisions marked on the map, reflecting the meticulous work of Fox and his commitment to accuracy.

The map also includes extensive later manuscript notes, which compare this plan with another, highlighting differences in measurements and divisions. These notes indicate discrepancies in the lengths and breadths of various divisions, such as Brudenell Point, Lord Selkirk's divisions between the Cardigan and Brudenell Rivers, and the line dividing George Town Royalty from Township 53. The notes also mention that some of Viscount Melville's lands have been subdivided in a later hand.

The creation of this map in 1819 coincides with a period of significant land development and settlement in Prince Edward Island. The detailed survey and the subsequent notes provide valuable insights into the land ownership and division practices of the time. As such, this map serves as a historical document of the early 19th-century geography and land management of this part of Canada. The map's creator, Robert Fox, through his detailed surveying work, has made a significant contribution to the cartographic history of the region.

Condition Description
Manuscript survey in pen and watercolor.