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1939 National Geographic Society
$ 145.00

The Reaches of New York City is a historical map published by The National Geographic Magazine in April 1939. Edited by Gilbert Grosvenor and created by a dedicated team including chief cartographer Albert H. Bumstead, designer C.E. Riddiford, researchers J.M. Darley and W. Chamberlin, as well as A.E. Holdstock and J.J. Brehm for the culture and relief aspects, respectively, it offers a detailed view of the region surrounding New York City.

The map, which extends from Philadelphia to New London and northward to Albany, highlights places of interest such as historic monuments, ruins, noteworthy architecture, battlefields, and some old churches. It also marks county seats and state capitals and provides information about the heights of various landmarks in feet. In addition, the map shows the main transport networks of the time, including highways, railroads, and canals.

A notable feature of the map is an inset labeled "South Jersey" located in the lower right corner. The 1939 World's Fair, a major event of the period, is also indicated with a note on the map.

The map contains a variety of Art Deco decorative elements, a popular design style of the time, which contribute to its visual appeal. It also features a series of portraits of famous New Yorkers and other historical scenes, adding to its historical value.

This map was copyrighted by The National Geographic Society in 1939 and was printed by A. Hoen & Co., Lithographers, based in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.