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Fabulous Pictorial Map of Manhattan Published for the 1939 World's Fair.

A vibrant fusion of cartography and cultural commentary, "A Chart neither too Literal nor too Emotional, shewing the city New York replete with the wondrous Spectacles, Mysteries, and Pastimes of the natives... Done in the year of the New York World's Fair ~ 1939" presents an enthralling pictorial map of Manhattan. Designed by Russell Patterson and published by Macy's department store, this piece was crafted as a promotional keepsake for the 1939 World's Fair visitors, shedding light on the city's key landmarks and unique neighborhoods.

Amid the excitement of the 1939 World's Fair, New York City was the epicenter of a dynamic cultural and technological zeitgeist. Patterson's map captures this energy, encapsulating not just the city's geographic layout but also its unique character. The map brings to life the city's various facets, from the glitz of Broadway to the hustle of Wall Street, the creative hub of Greenwich Village to the vibrant clubs of Harlem.

The map uses distinct, often humorous annotations to capture the essence of different districts. Harlem is tagged with "Up Here for the Clubs", hinting at its rich musical heritage, while the Lower East Side is marked as "Ghetto", alluding to its history as a hub for immigrant communities. A whimsical note in Greenwich Village features an artist declaring, "This is to be my masterpiece," subtly acknowledging the area's artistic fervor.

Detailed vignettes of notable landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, Fifth Avenue, and the site of the World's Fair itself provide an additional layer of context. These sites are more than mere tourist attractions; they embody the spirit of Manhattan, celebrating its role as a melting pot of cultures, ideas, and ambitions. Patterson's 1939 map, with its vivid colors and keen observations, offers an insightful, engaging snapshot of Manhattan during a pivotal year in its history.

Condition Description
Central vertical and horizontal fold. Small tack holes in the corners. VG to VG+
Rumsey 8983.