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Produced by the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge (SDUK) in 1830, this celestial map is a captivating exploration of the cosmos, featuring the constellations of Libra, Leo, and Virgo, and the multitudes of smaller surrounding stars.  

The map captures the night sky with remarkable detail. Each of the three major constellations - Libra, Leo, and Virgo - are depicted with their traditional mythological forms superimposed on their respective star configurations. This fusion of mythology and astronomy serves not only as a testament to the enduring cultural significance of these celestial bodies, but also as an aid to viewers in identifying these constellations in the night sky.

Libra, represented as the scales, symbolizes balance and justice. Leo, depicted as a lion, embodies strength and royalty. Virgo, shown as a maiden, is typically associated with innocence and purity. Each constellation is rendered with great precision, reflecting the SDUK's commitment to scientific accuracy and clarity.

In addition to these main constellations, the map is scattered with a multitude of smaller stars and lesser constellations, each placed according to their celestial coordinates, adding depth and complexity to the map and providing a more complete representation of the night sky as seen from Earth in the early 19th century.

The map showcases the SDUK's characteristic style, combining precise cartographic detail with aesthetic elegance.  

What is truly noteworthy about this map is its educational aim. The SDUK was founded on the principles of public enlightenment, and this map exemplifies that mission. By providing a detailed and accessible depiction of the constellations, it allowed for the democratization of astronomical knowledge at a time when such education was not widely available.