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"The New Spring Drive" is an anonymous World War I-era American propaganda poster, created circa 1918, featuring a powerful image of Uncle Sam striking Germany with a massive mallet to dismantle the country and promote the purchase of War Savings Stamps.

The striking visual composition depicts Uncle Sam, crouching over the United States on the horizon of the globe, wielding a mallet labeled "People of the U.S." and "War Savings Stamps." The force of the swing shatters Germany, with fractures spreading throughout the country. In response, four caricatured individuals flee the scene: Kaiser Bill, Crown Prince, Ludendorf, and Hindenburg. Below the illustration, the text reads, "Buy War Savings Stamps and Help Save the Country From Autocracy."

This evocative piece of propaganda art captures the spirit of the United States' efforts to rally its citizens during World War I, encouraging financial support for the war through the purchase of War Savings Stamps. The poster's visual elements and messaging convey a sense of national unity and determination to defeat autocracy and secure victory for the Allied Powers.

Condition Description
Mounted on poster linen. Some cracking and retouching in the image.