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An evocative tinted lithograph titled "Virginia, 1862", drawn by Louis Kurz and lithographed by L. Kurz & Co. This illustration, serving as a premium insert for the third volume of "Deutschen Volksblaetter", captures the intimate realities of the American Civil War with considerable emotional depth.

Renowned for his detailed and emotive lithographic work, Louis Kurz presents a scene of two soldiers at the edge of a stream or pond. One soldier, wounded by a gunshot to his leg, appears on the brink of succumbing to his injuries, while his comrade attends to him, offering water and comfort in his final moments. Kurz's scene is a poignant depiction of the individual human experiences that unfolded amid the broader conflict of the Civil War.

This lithograph was published by C. Kohlmann & Bro for the "Deutschen Volksblaetter", a German-language publication based in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. This publication played a significant role in informing German-speaking immigrants in the United States, providing them with a connection to the events and developments of the Civil War. As a premium insert to the third volume, Kurz's "Virginia, 1862" would have brought the harsh realities of the war closer to the publication's readers.

In capturing this moment of compassion amidst the chaos of war, Louis Kurz's lithograph provides a poignant insight into the human cost of the American Civil War. It stands as a testament to the power of art to illuminate historical events, accentuating the personal narratives that reverberate within the grand arc of history.


Condition Description
Some tape remnants and residue from mounting on verso.