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Depicting an engaging call to service during World War II, the Enlist in the Waves poster is a patriotic appeal to American women to join the Navy, an effort to mobilize home front support and free up more men to fight at sea.

The poster emerges from the context of the early 1940s when, in the face of the Second World War, the United States Navy created the Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service (WAVES) as an auxiliary unit. This program marked a significant shift in military policy, allowing women to serve in the Navy and Coast Guard for the first time. The poster, as part of a broader recruitment campaign, played a critical role in encouraging women to assume these new roles and contribute directly to the war effort.

The central figure in the poster is a smiling woman in Navy uniform, saluting with confidence and pride. Her image is a powerful symbol of female empowerment and patriotism, a clear message to potential recruits about the vital role they could play in supporting their country during a time of global conflict.

The poster's striking red, white, and blue color palette further emphasizes its patriotic theme. These colors, synonymous with the United States flag, create a vibrant backdrop against which the woman stands, reinforcing the message of national service and unity. The directive to "Release a Man to Fight at Sea" conveys the urgency and significance of the situation, underlining the direct impact that enlisting could have on the war effort. Through its vivid imagery and persuasive messaging, Enlist in the Waves provides a compelling snapshot of a pivotal moment in American history.

Condition Description
Minor dampstain and wear at the left edge. Not mounted on linen.