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Stock# 93229

A Rare Italian Atlas of the Many Islands of the Aegean. Extra Illustrated with a Folding Map of Greece.

Beautiful atlas and travel book about Greece, the Aegean, and Western Anatolia, filled with maps of the region's many islands.

The atlas was published in 1688 by the Soliani Heirs publishing firm in Modena, Italy, and the maps are engraved by Francesco Piacenza. The first maps in the book are regional, covering Greece, Morea, and the Aegean. The rest of the maps are detailed island maps and are accompanied by lengthy descriptions concerning the geography, history, and peoples of the islands.

In the 17th century, the Aegean Sea was largely under the dominion of the Ottoman Empire, which had seen substantial growth and expansion since the previous century. Notably, the pivotal Siege of Candia (1648–1669), one of the longest sieges in history, marked a significant point in this period, seeing the Ottomans capture the Venetian colony of Crete, which lies south of the Aegean Sea. Venetian colonies in the Aegean Sea, including those on the islands of Tinos and Kythira, felt the pressure from Ottoman expansion.

There was an evident rivalry between these Italian maritime republics, especially Venice, and the Ottoman Empire; however, the balance of power was firmly tipped in favor of the latter. The Treaty of Karlowitz in 1699 (about a decade after this book was published), which marked the end of the Great Turkish War, further solidified Ottoman control over much of the Aegean region, pushing the Italian maritime republics to the periphery and heralding a period of Ottoman hegemony.

The atlas appears to be extra-illustrated with a map of Greece and the Aegean entitled Arcipelago Con la Morea Sino a Costantinopoli. Other collations we have located appear to call for 62 or 63 maps (it is unclear if the one calling for 62 maps is correct and complete). Digitized examples of the book do not appear to have this map either.

List of Maps

  1. Arcipelago Con la Morea Sino a Costantinopoli [Folding]
  2. [Morea]
  3. [Aegum Mare]
  4. Candia
  5. Scarpanto
  6. Carchi E Limonia
  7. Simie
  8. Piscopia
  9. Nisare
  10. Caloiero
  11. Lango
  12. Agathonissi Eleo Fermaco
  13. Samo
  14. Psara
  15. Crusia, Lipso, Tragia, Fornoli
  16. Nicaria
  17. Mandria
  18. Pathmus
  19. Leria
  20. Calamo
  21. Stampalia
  22. Zinara e Levita
  23. Amorgo
  24. Isole Leleadi
  25. Nio
  26. Policandro e Sicandro
  27. Namphio
  28. Santorini
  29. Milo
  30. Siphano
  31. Thera
  32. Zea
  33. Serphino
  34. Fermenia
  35. Cythnus
  36. Andro
  37. Tine
  38. Sdile
  39. Micone
  40. Isole Cidalie
  41. Nicsia
  42. Paris
  43. Sirna
  44. Scio
  45. Metelin
  46. Tenedo
  47. Maure Oviaro Forino Martese
  48. Stalimine
  49. Lembro
  50. Samandrachi
  51. Monte Santo e Tasso
  52. S. Strati
  53. Isole Sphegie
  54. Pelagnisi
  55. Isole Gregarie
  56. Isole Gildrome
  57. Schiro
  58. Cicynnethus
  59. Negroponte
  60. Engia
  61. Isole Solari
  62. Cerigo
  63. Rhodi
  64. Cipro [Folding]
Condition Description
Quarto. 18th-century stiff vellum, with manuscript titling and cataloging stamp to spine. Extra-complete with 64 maps, engraved half-title, and engraved portrait of Francis II. [Engraved half title]; [viii]; 664. (Minor bumping to corners and edges. Lower corner of back board partially torn, affecting a small area.)