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Giovanni Battista Piranesi's etching, "Veduta di Piazza Navona sopra le rovine del Circo Agonale," is part of his renowned series "Vedute di Roma" (Views of Rome). This particular piece captures the bustling atmosphere and architectural beauty of the Piazza Navona, built on the ancient ruins of the Circus Agonalis, or Circus of Domitian.

Piranesi's "Vedute di Roma" series features a collection of masterful etchings depicting Rome's most famous landmarks, such as Saint Peter's Basilica, the Colosseum, ancient arches, baths, the Campidoglio, and major churches. His works were popular among tourists, who appreciated his ability to bring Rome's architectural wonders to life through his etchings.

In "Veduta di Piazza Navona sopra le rovine del Circo Agonale," Piranesi skillfully conveys the charm and vibrancy of the Piazza Navona while also providing a glimpse into its historical origins as the site of the Circus of Domitian. The etching serves as a timeless tribute to the architectural and cultural significance of this iconic Roman location.

Condition Description
Wove paper.