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This is a riveting portrayal of the Battle of Saratoga, skillfully engraved by Johann Martin Will in Augsburg circa 1777, capturing a critical turning point in the American Revolutionary War.

Engraved shortly after the event, the piece reflects a European perspective on the conflict that would significantly alter the geopolitical landscape. The Battle of Saratoga, fought in September and October of 1777, was a key victory for the American forces. It not only halted the advance of British General Burgoyne but also played a significant role in convincing France to enter the war on the side of the colonies, providing them with much-needed military support.

The engraving illustrates the attempts by British forces, including those led by Colonel Fraser and Brunswick Colonel Baum, to break through the American lines. Their subsequent failure and the eventual capitulation of Burgoyne's forces on October 17th, 1777, are conveyed with an eye to the strategic details that characterized the encounter.

Will's depiction pays homage to the significance of this battle, illuminating the tactical movements and the unfolding drama in a way that allows the viewer to appreciate the dynamics of 18th-century warfare. The engraving also includes annotations in German, providing additional insights into the battle's progression, the strength of the opposing forces, and the terms of the British surrender. The representation of this decisive moment in the American Revolutionary War serves not only as an artistic endeavor but also as a historical document, bringing to life the narratives that shaped the creation of a nation.



Condition Description
Minor dampstain at the top edge.