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The chromolithographic trade card features vibrant, colorful imagery and text promoting "Norden Kaffe," marketed by Griggs, Cooper & Co. of St. Paul, Minnesota. The front side of the card displays a picturesque and culturally themed illustration representative of Germany, including a soldier in traditional military attire, an eagle holding a shield with the German coat of arms, and a map highlighting various cities within Germany. Surrounding vignettes depict everyday life, historical landmarks, and a sense of national pride.

The reverse side of the card presents the product's advertisement in a straightforward, elegant font. It declares "Norden Kaffe" as "the best roasted Coffee ever sold in one pound packages." The advertisement encourages customers not to simply ask for any coffee but specifically for "Norden Kaffe" and to accept no substitutes. It emphasizes that this Northern Coffee is unique and cannot be replicated. Furthermore, the card notes that it is one of a set of sixteen cards, each representing different countries, suggesting that collecting these cards could provide additional value and interest to the consumer, aside from the coffee itself.

The trade card serves both as an advertisement for the coffee and as a collectible item promoting cultural education and global awareness through the themed illustrations and information about different countries.