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Rare trade card of Russia, featuring a collage of images set against a backdrop that includes a map.

The map in the upper left corner depicts part of Russia with major cities such as St. Petersburg, Moscow, Riga, and Odessa labeled. It suggests a geographical context, likely emphasizing the origin of the product being advertised.

The central figure is a child dressed in traditional Russian winter attire, suggesting a cultural connection to the region shown in the map. The child's outfit, with a fur hat and coat, conveys a sense of the cold climate of Russia.

Below the child, there is an emblem featuring a double-headed eagle, which is part of the coat of arms of Russia, reinforcing the Russian theme of the card. Adjacent to this is a circular seal with text that reads "Norden" and other inscriptions, which may indicate the brand or type of product.

The lower portion of the card displays a slogan, "DRINK NORDEN KAFFE," which translates to "Drink North Coffee," indicating that the product being advertised is coffee. The name "GRIGGS, COOPER & CO., ST. PAUL" is present, which is likely the distributor or retailer of the Norden Kaffe, located in St. Paul.

The background images include a wintry Russian landscape with a troika (a traditional Russian sleigh drawn by three horses) and a snow-covered village or perhaps dachas (Russian country houses). To the right, a scene with classical architecture suggests a cityscape, possibly referencing St. Petersburg, known for its historic monuments and buildings.