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This Russian-language ethnographic map of Europe is a fascinating and informative resource for anyone interested in the historical diversity and distribution of ethnicities in Europe. The map, which was published in Leipzig as part of a Russian-language encyclopedia in circa 1890, shows dozens of different ethnicities, each represented by a different color or symbol on the map.

One of the most interesting features of this map is the way it represents Ukraine and Russia. Modern-day Ukraine is clearly shown as a separate ethnicity ("Малороссы") from that of modern-day Russia ("Великороссияне").

The map also includes an indication of the Jewish population in Europe, represented by sporadic black dots scattered throughout the continent, but most concentrated in Ukraine and Poland.

Overall, this map is a valuable and thought-provoking resource for anyone interested in the history and cultural diversity of Europe. While it offers a wealth of information and insights, it is also worth considering the potential biases and inaccuracies of such a map, as it reflects the perspectives and beliefs of the time in which it was produced.

Condition Description
Minor soiling at the centerfold.