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Detailed plan of the harbor and fortifications around Calais, drawn in in November 1699 and signed by "Clemens."

The plan was drawn shortly after the conclusion of the Nine Years War, during which time the Calais had been attacked by a joint British and Dutch force in 1695.

The title refences a project to improve the harbor, which the French may have deemed appropriate in the short period between the end of the Nine Years War (1697) and the start of the War of Austrian Succession (1701).

There appears to be evidence of either the creation of a bridge or barrier above the Citadelle on the river, across from Fort Risban.  Fort Risban was the original structure built to defend the Calais Harbor.   The Fort has a long history.  It was blockaded by the English in 1346 who restored the fort and created the Tower of Lancaster built in 1405 during the reign of Henry VIII. The fort became French again in January 1558 but less than forty years later the fort became Spanish for two years, until the treaty of Vervins in May 1598.  It was rebuilt in 1640. Vauban, who visited the fort some time in the 1680s before its complete renovation, described it as "a home for owls, and place to hold the Sabbath", not a useful fortification.

Condition Description
Old repaired tear at top left and some minor soiling.