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The Battle of Vittoria, June 21st, 1813, is a captivating hand-colored aquatint that pays tribute to the important victory achieved during the Peninsular War. This artistic piece is humbly dedicated to the Duke of Wellington, the commander of the British forces at the time, by J. Jenkins, who identifies himself as the Duke's devoted and obedient servant.

The aquatint illustrates the intense and decisive battle that took place near the town of Vitoria in Spain. It captures the chaos and valor of the soldiers as they engage in fierce combat, with British, Spanish, and Portuguese forces fighting against the French army. The scene is brought to life through the skillful use of color and attention to detail, which emphasizes the action and emotion of the battle.

In the foreground, the courageous soldiers charge into the fray, their expressions reflecting the determination and fortitude required for such a confrontation. In the background, the landscape of the battlefield stretches out, filled with plumes of smoke, explosions, and the movement of troops. The aquatint effectively conveys the magnitude and significance of this historical event.

As a commemorative piece, The Battle of Vittoria serves as a tribute to the Duke of Wellington and his leadership during this critical moment in the Peninsular War. The aquatint not only captures the essence of the battle but also pays homage to the bravery and sacrifice of the soldiers who fought for victory on that fateful day in 1813.

This is one of 4 color aquatints by Sutherland, Havell after Laird, published June 4th, 1836.

Condition Description
Original color. Soiling at the left side of the image.