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A captivating early Landsat photograph showcasing San Diego in the lower left corner, the Colorado Desert, Imperial Valley, the Salton Sea, and the Coachella Valley, characterized by the distinct Landsat hues that define these pioneering satellite images.

This early Landsat image provides a remarkable aerial perspective of Southern California's diverse landscapes, illustrating the unique geographical features of the region, such as the vast Colorado Desert, the agriculturally rich Imperial Valley, the Salton Sea's striking presence, and the urban center of San Diego. The photograph also reveals land-use patterns and the interplay between natural and developed areas in the region during the early 1970s.

For researchers, collectors, and enthusiasts interested in the history of satellite imagery, cartography, or the geography and urban development of Southern California, this photograph serves as a valuable visual document of the early Landsat program's pioneering efforts in Earth observation. The image highlights the groundbreaking technology that revolutionized cartography and our understanding of the planet's surface.

Condition Description
Photograph mounted on board.