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Gran Plano de Valencia is a vibrant display of modernist design aesthetics, published by the Tipografía Artística Puertes in 1972. Showcasing a rich color scheme, the map presents a comprehensive view of Valencia, Spain, with major thoroughfares marked in red and built-up areas in yellow, encapsulating the city's urban sprawl and its architectural vibrancy during the 1970s.

The map's layout and design provide a detailed view of Valencia's urban landscape. Large streets, marked in bold red, illustrate the city's transport arteries, while the built-up areas highlighted in yellow represent its residential and commercial hubs. This detailed portrayal allows viewers to appreciate the city's urban dynamics and architectural character in the early 1970s.

Finally, the modernist design of the Gran Plano de Valencia lends it an aesthetic appeal, beyond its functionality as a map. It offers a blend of artistic expression and geographical representation, encapsulating Valencia's vibrant urban landscape during a significant period in Spain's history.