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Continental's Custom-Built Golden Jet 707 Souvenir Flight Map, dating from the mid-20th century, provides a detailed overview of the airline's celebrated service connecting Chicago, Los Angeles, Denver, and Kansas City. The map not only delineates the routes but also emphasizes the luxurious amenities offered on board, including "Gold Carpet Service," a dedicated cabin crew, superb meals, separate lounges for each cabin, in-flight television, and ticketing, all designed by the renowned Charles Butler.

The front of the map shows flights between Denver and Chicago, while the back shows the sections between Denver and Los Angeles. Another map shows connections and the other flights operated by Continental.

In the context of the 20th century, air travel was experiencing a transformative period, shifting from a mode of transportation accessible only to the elite to a more democratized and widespread service. The advent of jet technology, epitomized by the Boeing 707, revolutionized the industry, allowing for faster and more comfortable travel. Continental's Golden Jet 707 was emblematic of this era, reflecting the glamour and allure of air travel at the time.

The map's depiction of the Golden Jet 707's routes and services offers a glimpse into the airline's commitment to luxury and innovation. The detailed description of the interiors, designed by Charles Butler, and the emphasis on both first-class and club coach accommodations, illustrates the airline's dedication to passenger comfort and satisfaction. The mention of in-flight amenities such as TV and ticketing reveals the cutting-edge technology and conveniences that set Continental's service apart from its competitors.

The Souvenir Flight Map serves as a historical document, capturing a specific moment in the evolution of commercial aviation. It represents a time when air travel was not just a means to an end but an experience in itself, filled with elegance and sophistication. The map is a testament to the Golden Age of air travel, reflecting the optimism, innovation, and luxury that characterized this remarkable period in aviation history.

Condition Description
Folding, printed both sides.