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This fascinating map, titled "Области Распространения Хищников и Пушных Зверей" (Distribution of Predators and Fur-bearing Animals), showcases the geographical distribution of various predatory and fur-bearing animal species around the world.

Created by Friedrich Arnold Brockhaus and published in Leipzig around 1890, the map is written in Russian, which is unusual for maps of this subject and time period. It displays the habitats and regions inhabited by various predatory and fur-bearing animals across the globe, offering a glimpse into the distribution of these species during the late 19th century.

The map provides a unique perspective on the historical relationship between humans and these animal species, emphasizing the importance of fur trade and the coexistence of predators in diverse ecosystems. Different colors and patterns are used to differentiate between various animal species, making the map visually engaging and easy to comprehend.

This map remains a valuable resource for historians, ecologists, and anyone interested in understanding the historical distribution of predators and fur-bearing animals, as well as the development of human-animal interactions. As a historical artifact, it offers captivating insight into the evolving understanding of wildlife distribution and its impact on human societies.