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Fine steel engraved image of the Pool of Hezekiah in Jerusalem.

Hezekiah's Pool was located in the Christian Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem.  At the time, it was of the city's ancient water system.

The pool dates to anxious times.  Flavius Josephus referred to the pool as Amygdalon, meaning 'almond tree' in Greek.The pool is also known as the Pool of Pillars, or the Pool of the Patriarch's Bath.   Hezekiah's pool is believed to be the upper pool referred to in the Books of Kings (2 Kings 18:17), built by King Hezekiah (f. 700 BC), who met messengers from the king of Assyria there. At a later time it was fed from the Mamilla Pool, one of the three reservoirs constructed by Herod the Great during the first century BCE.