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Fascinating Colonial Map of New Jersey, New York and Eastern Pennsylvania

Nice example of T.C. Lotter edition of Seutter's map of the Middle British Colonies, based upon Lewis Evans' extremely rare map of 1749.

Seutter's map is a notable pre-Revolutionary War era map based on Lewis Evans' map of 1749, one of the first and most important maps of the region. This German version had wider circulation than the Evans map and therefore significant influence on the European view of the colonies. It extends from New England to the estuaries of the Delaware and Chesapeake.

The British Colonies are confined east of the Appalachian Mountains and are depicted with some interesting, and not entirely accurate, boundary configurations. New Hampshire's entire eastern border is the Atlantic Ocean. Massachusetts is just below New Hampshire, but does not include Boston or Cape Cod, which are shown as part of Connecticut. New York is divided into three sections and includes the western part of Massachusetts and Vermont.

The map is graphically engraved to show mountains, forests, colonial settlements and Indian villages.

Two ornate cartouches fill opposite corners of the map. The title cartouche includes an elaborate engraving featuring William Penn bartering with the natives and indigenous flora and fauna.

Conrad Lotter engraved the map for his father-in-law Mattaeus Seutter, probably in 1750. After 1756 when he took over the business and the title was changed to credit Lotter as the maker.

Tobias Conrad Lotter Biography

Tobias Conrad Lotter (1717-1777) is one of the best-known German mapmakers of the eighteenth century. He engraved many of the maps published by Matthaus Seutter, to whose daughter Lotter was married. He took over Seutter’s business in 1756. Lotter’s son, M. A. Lotter, succeeded his father in the business.