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Detailed map of Scotland, which first appeared in Kitchin's New General Atlas and was issued with updates for approximately the next 50 years.

The map was prepared by Admiral Surveyor Lieutenant Robert Campbell. Includes an inset of the Shetlands on the same scale and a table of distances on the stage routes.

This map was first issued by Marcus Armstrong in 1782. Robert Sayer's re-issue had extensive re-working of all four plates on the basis of information supplied by Campbell. The Northwest coast is slightly revised and the Western Isles entirely re-drawn except for the North part of Lewis. Some roads are re-drawn and some added. The map includes a new cartouche and title.

Condition Description
4 sheets, joined to form 2 unjoined sheets.
Richard Holmes Laurie Biography

Richard Holmes Laurie (1777-1858) was the son of mezzotint engraver Robert Laurie, who had taken over Robert Sayer's publishing house with James Whittle in 1794. Richard Holmes Laurie joined in a partnership with Whittle when his father retired in 1812. The name of the firm then switched from Laurie & Whittle to Whittle & Laurie. Whittle died in 1818, leaving Richard Holmes to continue publishing alone as R. H. Laurie.

When the Hydrographic Office opened in 1795, it was tasked with creating and producing all the nautical charts for the Royal Navy so as to wean the Navy off dependence on foreign charts. By the 1820s, private publishers were augmenting HO charts and competing with them, including Richard Holmes Laurie. Richard gave up publishing anything except nautical materials by 1830. He also sold charts to Trinity House, the lighthouse and maritime safety fraternity. He died in 1858. 

The firm continued to print under the name R.H. Laurie even after 1858. Later, the firm was managed by Laurie’s draughtsman, Alexander George Findlay, and, later, Daniel and William Kettle.

James Whittle Biography

James Whittle (1757-1818) was a British engraver and map printer. Whittle was employed by Robert Sayer (ca. 1725-1794). Together with Robert Laurie (1755?-1836), he took on Sayer’s business when the older man died in 1794. The two traded together as Laurie & Whittle until 1812, when Laurie retired. They had specialized in sea charts and maritime atlases. Whittle then partnered with Laurie’s son, Richard Holmes Laurie, until he died in 1818.