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Manuscript Map of the Alpine Foothills near Savona. Produced During the Italian Campaign of the War of the Austrian Succession.

Finely executed manuscript map of the Province of Savona, drawn by a skilled hand in 1745 during the course of the War of the Austrian Succession.

The map captures the dramatic topography of the region. It includes the Val di Signo, Val di Quigliano (Quiliano) and Val della Madonna.

The Italian Campaign of 1745

Fought during the fifth year of the War of the Austrian Succession, the Italian Campaign of 1945 was a major success for the French and Genoese allies against the Austrian and Sardinian forces. At that time in the war, the Geonese government had come to fear that its neutrality left it vulnerable and allied itself with the French. 

By summer of that year, French forces were in the Genoese territory to help their allies defeat the Austrians and Sardinians. The most important battle was in Bassignana, east of the region shown on the map, where the allies handily defeated their foes and set the stage for further victories.


This map is very similar to one drawn in a similar hand of a region to the west and carries the same French provenance. The sketch mapping is clearly of the highest military order on both of these maps.