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Stock# 86741

A Student's Fascinating Study of The Rivers, Islands and Interesting Points of Commerce Around the World

Finely executed geographical text, hand drawn by Belgian noble Georges Van Havre when he was a student of about 17 years old.

The Journal consists of 65 half and full page maps (with text on opposite page), with a 5 page index at the end.

  • Algiers
  • Oufna and Cheliff
  • Djebel-Aures Lakes Mebrir and Triton
  • Caravan Routes (Algiers)
  • Algerian Railroads
  • Western Mediterranean Shipping Lines
  • Philippine Islands
  • Route of Magellan through the Philippine Islands (March 1521)
  • Central Asia
  • Course of the Amu Darya River
  • Pamir Plateau
  • Telegraph Lines in Afghanistan
  • Course of the Syr Daria River in Kyrgystan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan to the Aural Sea
  • Course of the Tarim River (Xinxiang, China
  • French Indo-China
  • Course of the Shang-Hai River (Red River)
  • Coastal Islands of Vietnam
  • Lake Tonlé Sap (Cambodia)
  • Mekong Delta (Cambodia)
  • Mountains near Hue, Vietnam
  • Iceland
  • Mount Hekla (Iceland)
  • Madeira and Porto Santo Islands
  • Line of Navigation between Madeira and Lisbon
  • Dutch Guyana
  • Maroni River (Suriname)
  • Mauritius
  • Commercial Routes from Mauritius and Reunion Island
  • Canada
  • Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Waterway
  • Newfoundland, Anticosti, Cape Breton and Prince Edward Islands
  • Polar Regions (North Devon Island)
  • Baffin Land
  • James Bay / Athabasca
  • British Columbia / Nootka Island
  • Lake Manitoba and Winnipeg
  • British Columbia Mountains
  • Course of the Yukon River
  • Course of the Frasier and Columbia Rivers
  • Lake Athabasca and environs
  • Course of the Copper Mine River
  • Churchill River
  • Northwest Passage (Barrow Straits, MacClure Strait, McClintock Strait)
  • St. Thomas (Virgin Islands)
  • Danish Antilles (Virgin Islands)
  • Cacheo (Santo Domingo)
  • Gambia River Sainte-Marie-De-Bathurst
  • Bass Straits (Australia)
  • Tasmania
  • New Zealand
  • Nova Zembla / Siberia
  • St. Pierre et Miquelon
  • Saint Martin and St. Barths
  • Rhodes
  • Cyprus
  • Zanzibar
  • Zanzibar Strait
  • Java
  • Lines of Commerce in Indonesia
  • Hainan
  • Strait of Hainan
  • Cuba
  • Jamaica
Condition Description
Pebbled cloth with gilt titling. 72 pages with pencil manuscript, maps with colored pencil addition.
Georges Van Havre Biography

Knight Georges Van Havre was a grandson of Senator Gustave Van Havre and the son of Albert Van Havre (1842-1904) and of Inès van Ertborn (1846-1925).

He married Nathalie du Bois de Vroylande (1875-1961), daughter of the governor of Antwerp Charles du Bois de Vroylande . The family had 10 children. Three sons provided an extensive posterity.

In 1919 he was appointed mayor of Wijnegem and held this position until 1934.