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Rare map of the Croatia-Bosnia Borderlands, employing the short-lived name of Turkish Croatia. 

Fascinating map of a portion of modern Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina, illustrating the areas controlled by the Ottomans and the Austrians at the outset of the Austrian-Turkish War (1787-1791).

Turkish Croatia was a name invented by Austrian military cartographers during the Austrian-Turkish Wars to describe the border area of Bosnia located across the Ottoman-Austrian border from the Croatian Military Frontier.  The name was created and first used by military mapmakers working on the Austrian-Ottoman Border Commission established by several peace treaties, including the 1699 Treaty of Karlowitz and 1718 Treaty of Požarevac. 

The scale is given in German and Hungarian miles, leading us to speculate that the map was published in Vienna.


We locate a single example in the University of Ghent Library.