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Stock# 85550

Scarce 17th Century English Pocket Atlas of the World

Robert Morden (c. 1650-1703) was an English bookseller and publisher who also achieved some note as a geographer and cartographer. The maps in this conveniently sized pocket atlas cover the world, with accompanying text descriptions.

Two sections of the text relate to America (pages 103-112; pages 180-198). The lengthy subtitle refers to an appendix that seems primarily concerned with missionary work in various parts of the world, including in America. 

A brief separately headed section on Florida includes some interesting comments on the indigenous inhabitants there, as well as the flora and fauna:

The air of this country is said to be so extraordinary temporate, that (according to our latest accounts) the Inhabitants do live to a very considerable Age... The Flordins are Naturally White, but by anointing themselves with a certain Oyntment, they appear of an Olive-color... The Natives of this Country are gross Idolaters, commonly worshiping the Sun and Moon. They mightily respect their Priests (who are generally great Sorcerers) and call them by the name of Joanas.

18 maps total:

  1. A New Map of the World
  2. Europe
  3. Sweden & Norway
  4. Moscovie or Russie
  5. France
  6. A New Map of Germany
  7. The Spanish Provinces vulgo Flanders
  8. Poland
  9. A New Map of Hispania and Portugallia
  10. Italia
  11. Turky in Europe
  12. Scotiae
  13. England
  14. Wales
  15. Ireland
  16. Asia
  17. Africa
  18. America (missing from present example).

As noted above, the present example is lacking 1 map.


Quite rare in the market. Only two complete copies have sold at auction in the last fifty years.

Provenance:  Nathan:ai Kingston (signature on title page)

Condition Description
18th-century paneled calf, rebacked with new spine, leather spine labels. Leaves age toned. Some moderate light foxing (mostly on text leaves). Lacking 1 map (America). Else good.
European Americana 693/86. Wing G1287. Shirley 503. cf. McLaughlin, Glen. The Mapping of California as an Island.
Robert Morden Biography

Robert Morden (d. 1703) was a British map and globe maker. Little is known about his early life, although he was most likely apprenticed to Joseph Moxon. By 1671, Morden was working from the sign of the Atlas on Cornhill, the same address out of which Moxon had previously worked. Most famous for his English county maps, his geography texts, and his wall maps, Morden entered into many partnerships during his career, usually to finance larger publishing projects.