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Did They Mean to Say "Porcineograph"? A Rarity From One of the Many Golden Ages of Salacious French Newspapers.

A great, apparently separately published image showing the invasion of Paris not by revolutionaries, but by "porcnographes." This appears to refer to a term in usage for a very short period of time to describe swiney newspaper publishers who printed distasteful material verging on pornography - not dissimilar to some present-day tabloids still in circulation in the country.

The image shows the march of pigs, men, and women carrying protest signs, pig flags, and tabloids. Flanking the sides of the image are the re-written lyrics of La Marseillaise, describing the advance of "the sacred love of eroticism" and hoping that "the pornographic virus / Inoculated by our writings;/ Quickly renders this country/ An immense public house!"

The image is drawn by Eschbach, with song lyrics by French poet Jules Jouy. The two had collaborated on at least one other project, the Journal de Merdeux, founded in 1882 and dedicated to "la merde."The newspaper was immediately banned on the grounds of its “pornographic character.” The price and byline at the bottom suggest that this sheet was separately published.

Condition Description
Old vertical and horizontal fold. Some minor toning. Two small holes in the right half of the image. Minor wear to the edges.