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Fine engraving of various European nautical flags. The background colors seem to follow a pattern where vertical stripes denote red and horizontal stripes blue. Black dots over white seem to represent yellow or gold.

The engraving appeared in the seventh volume of Receuil de planches, sur les sciences, les arts liberaux, et les arts mechaniques, avec leur applications, part of Diderot's monumental Enlightenment-era Encyclopedie. Signed "AG. sc.", and with a notation in the top margin indicating the volume in which it appeared, this was likely from the second edition published in Lucca by Vincent Giuntini.

According to the text, the flags are:

107. Russian pennant

108. Royal flag of Poland

109. Flag of Poland

110. Flag of Sicily

111. Flag of Messina

112. Galley flag of Sicily

113. Flag of the Two Sicilies

114. Flag of Naples

115-117. Flag of Malta

118-119. Flag of Savoy

120-122. Flag of Venice

123-124. Flag of Tuscany

125. Flag of Genoa

126. Flag of Monaco

127. Flag of Modena

128-129. Flag of Ragusa

130. Royal flag of Brandenburg

131-134. Flag of Brandenburg

Condition Description
Minor foxing. Left edge is ragged.
Recueil de planches, sur les sciences, les arts libéraux et les arts mechaniques : avec leur explication... ; [suivi de Suite du "Recueil de planches, sur les sciences, les arts libéraux et les arts mechaniques"]. Sixième livraison. .
Skrifter. Norway: Griegs bogtrykkeri., 1919.
Schwab, Richard N.., Lough, John. Inventory of Diderot's Encyclopédie. Switzerland: Institut et Musée Voltaire, 1984.