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Jesuit Map of Kiang-Nan Province

Rare Jesuit map covering the area between Shanghai and Nanjing, centered on the course of the Yangtze River.

Curiously, the map includes a note that it is the work of P. Pfister and should not be reproduced. P. Pfister would almost certainly be Pere (father) Aloys Pfister (1833-1891),  a French Jesuit, historian and sinologist who worked as a missionary in China. His best-known works are his Notices biographiques et bibliographiques sur les Jésuites de l'ancienne mission de China. 1552–1773 (Biographical and bibliographical notes on the Jesuits of the former mission in China. 1552–1773), which first appeared in Shanghai in 1932 and 1934 in the Jesuit book series of Variétés sinologiques (volumes 59 and 60) and was also translated into Chinese.  

The map was produced under the direction of the Roman Catholic Apostolic Vicariate of Kiang-nan, a missionary jurisdiction in mainland China, comprising the two imperial provinces of Jiangsu and Anhui, often referred to as Jiangnan or Kiang-nan.

The map was produced at Zi-ka-wei, where the the Jesuit Fathers established themselves in 1847, near the tomb of Paul Xu, at which period of the orphanages of the mission were commenced.