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Early Appearance of Dallas!

A gorgeous example of Flemming's 4 sheet map of the United States, an earlier printing of the fifth edition, published in Glogau.

The map includes a fine image of the early US territorial borders, Indian districts, forts, early routes of the Transmississippi explorers, and other details.

West of Austin, the Fischer-Miller Land Grand of the Adelsverein is outlined with a dashed line as well as the area around empresario Henry Castro's Castroville and Vandenburg west of San Antonio. In Iowa, the Hungarian settlement of New Buda, founded in 1850, is near the state's border with Missouri.

Many Indian tribes, forts, missions, roads, and other details are shown. Fort Dallas is shown at the site of present-day Downtown Miami in Florida. St. Paul (as St. Paul's) is in Minnesota, but Minneapolis is yet to appear. In Texas, there is a second Dallas north of present-day Dallas.

Includes a very unusual tomahawk-shaped Indian Territory and massive Minnesota, Nebraska, and Missouri Territories. El Paso is in New Mexico Territory before the Compromise of 1850 put it in Texas. New Mexico Territory's southern border follows the Gila River, shortly before the Gadsden Purchase and the territory's northeastern border follows the Arkansas River. The Great Salt Lake in Utah Territory has Antelope Island within it and Mormon Fort to its south. In the unorganized land of the Missouri Territory, there are very few settlements, save for a few forts and Indian villages.

Excellent topographical details, some real, some conjecture. One of the great pre-Gadsden Purchase atlas maps.

Condition Description
Four sheets, expertly joined. Minor foxing.