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1957 The Times / John Bartholomew
$ 195.00

Interesting set of World maps, highlighting the various major air travel route around the globe.

The map employs 4 different projections to illustrate the various air routes of the period, which are shown as follows:

  • Principal World Air Routes (thick red line)
  • Secondary World Air Routes (thin red line)
  • Other Air routes (thinnest red line)

The 4 projections are:

  • "Nordic" Projection, designed by John Bartholemew.  An Oblique Area-true Projection designed to give optimum representation to Europe and to routes in the Atlantic, Arctic and Indian Ocenas.
  • North Polar Basin - Gnomic Projection
  • "Nordic Projection - oriented to show the North Pacific at the center
  • The Antipodes - Zenithal Equidistant Projection