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Highly decorative and scarce woodblock showing St. Paul's visit to the island of Crete. The map recounts the many exploits of the apostle, as recounted in his epistles.

At the right of the image is a recounting of Paul's Epistles to Philemon, one of his later works that was written while he was imprisoned prior to his execution. The letters were written to Philemon, an early leader of an Anatolian (Colossian) church. Here, we see Paul handing his letters to an armed guard in one vignette, as well as another vignette that shows a man giving something to a beggar.

The main map shows most of the western portion of what appears to be Crete, and is identified in the lower left as "Creter." 

This map originally appeared in Johannes Buno's scarce "Picture Bible" that was filled with engravings that illustrated nearly every chapter of the Bible. The engravings included miniature pictorial elements and were intended as mnemonic devices to help the reader better remember the bible.

Buno's imagery reflects real artistry and personality, however, they were not intended for veneration, as that would have run contrary to Lutheran attitudes of the time. They were intended as a didactic instrument and thus did not offend his intended audience's sensibilities.