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Ernst von Mansfeld confronts Archduke Leopold at Hagenau in the Alsace During the Thirty Years War

Rare and finely engraved battle theater map and German language text account of the battle fought near Hagenau in May 1622

The map depicts a section of the Rhine River, centered on Strassbourg, showing an army led by Count Ernst von Mansfeld confronting the army of  Archduke Leopold Wilhelm of Austria, which attacked Mansfeld's base at Hagenau in Alsace.

The map is oriented with west at the top.  The battles fought to the north of Strassbourg in the area of Hagenau in May 1622. The image depicts the movements of German military commander  Ernst von Mansfeld during the early years of the Thirty Years' War. 

A letter key shows the important points in the battle and the longer German text tells the story.


We locate a single example of at Universitaetsbibliothek Johann Christian Senckenberg (Frankfurt am Main).