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Fraudulent Mining Scheme near Chelan Lake

Promotional map and letterhead for the Cascadia Mining and Tunnel Company

The map promotes the company's mining activities north and west of Lake Chelan in North Central Washington State.

The Cascadia Smetling & Transportation Company was almost certainly and elaborate fraud. One contemporary note regarding the company states:

Our correspondent in Seattle tells us he has seen a circular of the Cascadia Smelting & Transportation Co., and upon examinaton of the circular he noted that they had put the claims of Cascadia Mining & Tunnel Co, under other names, into their prospectus as belonging to Cascadia Smelting & Transportation Co. . .

. . . there is a strong reason to believe that the townsite properties claimed by the Cascadia Smelting & Transportation Co. are in the Forest reserve and of course cannot, therefore, belong to any mining company. It will be well for investors to be very careful regarding the Cascadia Smelting & Transportation Co. as an investment.