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Stock# 69671

Silicon Valley Before it was Silicon Valley

Scarce Atlas of Lithograph Views and Colored Maps of Santa Clara County

A beautiful visual record of 19th century Santa Clara County, with lithographic views of residences and farms, as well as fine hand-colored maps depicting individual plots of land, city maps of San Jose, Gilroy, Mountain View, Los Gatos, and other locations.

The lithographic views are notable as important historical records of the built and natural environments of San Jose, Gilroy, Los Gatos, and other towns in Santa Clara County. They include depictions of prominent residences, colleges, and civic buildings, with a double-page view of the workings at the New Almaden Mine.

At the end of the volume are "Business directories" for the various towns in Santa Clara County.  These directories are actually simple alphabetical listings of businesses in San Jose, Redwood Township, Almaden, Gilroy, Fremont, Alviso, Milpitas, and Burnett.

The atlas is complete, with maps and views enumerated according to page numbers, as follows:

5. Map of Santa Clara Co. California
6. Map of the states of California and Nevada
8. Jail and Courthouse, Santa Clara Co., at San Jose, Cal.
19. Map of Santa Clara Co. California
20, 21. Map Number One: Plat of Alviso (part of Sherman Day's copy of Origin Map), Mayfield original town as surveyed for Wm. Paul, Map of villa lands of Mountain View, Fremont
22. Infirmary, Santa Clara County, Cal.
23. The Bank of San Jose
24, 25. Map Number Two: Alviso, Milpitas, Santa Clara, San Jose
26. Fredericksburg Brewery
27. Nursery of B.S. Fox, Res. and Orchard of B.S. Fox
28, 29. Map Number Three: Milpitas, San Jose, and facsimile of the original Plat of the Pueblo de San Jose taken from the surveys made in 1781 and now on file in the archives in the city of Mexico
30. Res. of J.S. Carter, Esq., Res. of Thos. Fallon. Esq.
31. Res. of C. X. Hobbs, Res. of E. L. Bradley, Esq.
32, 33. Map of the Property of Santa Clara Homestead Assoc., Plat of Evergreen, Plat of Saratoga, Fremont, Redwood
34. Res. of Prof. J.H.L. Tuck, Res. of Wm. H. Hall
35. Spring's Great American Cheap Store, San Jose Brewery & Residence of Ph. Doerr
36, 37. Map Number Five: Santa Clara, San Jose, Redwood
38. Map Number Six: San Jose
39. City of San Jose First Ward
40. City of San Jose Second Ward
41. City of San Jose Third Ward
42. City of San Jose Fourth Ward
43. Plat of Santa Clara compiled from official survey made April 1866
44, 45. Santa Clara College
46. University of the Pacific, between San Jose and Santa Clara, California. founded 1854. (Ladies Hall.)
47. Res. of J.R. Arguello
48, 49. College of Notre Dame, San Jose, Cal.
50. Reed Street School House., Santa Clara Street School House
51. Fourth Ward School House., First Ward School House
52. Red Wood res. of E.O Smith., Res. of J.L. Evans
53. Res. of Benj. Campbell, Esq., Res. of L.F. Parker, Esq.
54. Knox Block. San Jose, Cal
55. Res. of Mr. & Mrs. C.H. Maddox., Res. of Mrs. S.L. Knox
56, 57. Map Number Seven: Highland, Coyote, Rhoads
58. "Orchard Farm", Res. of B.F. Watkins, Mrs. L.J. Watkins., "Somerville Lodge", Farm & Res. of Dr. L.H. Bascom
59. Ranch of D. & T. Williams of Williams Bros., Goodrich's Free Stone Quarry
60, 61. Map Number Eight: San Jose, Almaden, Burnett
62. J.R. Arques Block, Res. of the late Hon. C.P. Hester
63. Res. of John Tennant, Esq., Res. of W.H. Wheldon, Real Estate Agent
64, 65. Map Number Nine: Plat of Los Gatos, Plat of Lexington, Redwood, Almaden
66. Res. of Pedro de Saisset, Esq., Keystone Safety Gas Machine, Office & Res. of C.W. Breyfogle, M.D., Hatman & Normandin's Carriage Factory, Interior View of Vinsonhaler's Business College, Res. of James A. Clayton, Esq.
67. City of Gilroy
68, 69. Map Number Eleven: Gilroy
70. Residence of Daniel Frink
71. Res. of W.H. Bubb, Res. of Benjamin T. Bubb
72, 73. "Poplar City" connecting the cities of San Jose and Santa Clara, Cal. Owned by Moses Davis and W.S. Chapman
74. Map Number Twelve: Gilroy., Live Oak Vineyard near San Jose, California. N.H. Stockton, proprietor
75: Map Number Ten: Redwood, Almaden, Gilroy., Res. of C.H. Lapham, Res. of N.J. Haines
76, 77. The Works and The Mine, New Almaden
78. Hensley Homestead, Res. of T. Ellard Beans
79. Res of E. Jenkins, Res. of John Snyder
80. Auzerais House Park, Auzerais House, S.W. Churchill, prop., Res. of M. Wolf, Esq., Jos. Enright's Patent Wood and Straw Burning Machine, Jones & Reardon's Livery Stable, James Hagan Plumbing & Gas Fitting., James Hagan Importer of Gas Fixtures, Chandeliers &c.
81. Easterday & Co., Hensley House, W.G. Campbell, propr., John Paine's Livery Stable, Res. of Wm. Winslow, Watkins & Scott, manufacturer of all kinds of engines, grain separators, gang plows and mammoth road graders.
82. Ayrshire Farm- 1242 acres. Res. of Peter Coutts, Esq.
83. "Lone Tree Ranch" Res. of Hon. S.I. Jamison
84. Res. of A.B. Hunter, Res. of Lambert Dornberger
85. Strawberry Ranch (80 acres) Chas E. Wade, proprietor., (Pres. Church.) Res. of J.R. Weller
86, 87. Pacific Congress Springs
88. Res. of Charles C. Smith, Store & Residence of F.J. Smith, Res. of Adam Herman
89. Residence of M. Tantau
90. Res. of Sarah Wallis
91. Res. of Henry Van Syckle
92. Residence of William Quinn
93. St. Joseph's Church, San Jose.
94. Residence of John Messersmith
95. Residence of Silvester Graves
96. Evergreen Avenue Farm, Res. of P. Hillebrant, farmer and breeder of thoroughbred cattle and horses
97. Res. of P.G. Keith
98. Residence of Robert Walker, Residence of Peter Ball
99. Residence of W.F. Hargis, Residence of J. Cheney
100. Res. of W.P Dougherty, Res. of B.D. Murphy
101. Saint James Hotel., Res. of M. Schallenberger
102. Res. and farm of J.H. Ogier, Lone-Hill Vineyard
103. Rea Block. Rhodes & Lewis, Druggists., E.H. Guppy, Books & Stationery., Res. of Alfred Chew., Res. of Geo. H. Briggs., J.E. Rucker, Real Estate and Fire Ins. Agent., J.E. Brown, Real Estate and General Insurance Agent., Res. of Theodore Lenzen, architect.
104. Res. of Wm. Wright., Res. of S.N. Putnam


Complete clean copies of this Santa Clara atlas and view book are increasing difficult to find in the market.

Condition Description
Folio. Original publisher's half sheep over gilt-stamped decorated cloth. Spine leather worn and frayed, with approx. 1 inch chipped away at head and foot of spine. Leather on corners quite worn. 110 pages (i.e. 113 pages due to three extra pages near beginning) pages. Engraved titlepage with pictorial vignette of atlases, surveyor's instruments and a globe. Complete with 21 hand-colored maps (9 are double-page, several with inset plats of townships which are listed separately in the table of contents) and 109 lithographed views (10 are double-page, most are single-page, several pages have multiple images). See below for complete listing of maps and views. Internally clean, and except for the wear to the leather portions of the binding, a very good copy.
ROCQ 13727. Cowan p. 567.