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1972 Edition - Completely Revised!

Fine large view of Downtown Seattle, published in 1972 and published for the Pioneer Square Association (the 1971 edition was published for Old Seattle Branch of Seattle-First National Bank).

The center of the map remains unchanged, with a map style image of downtown Seattle, extending north to beyond Pier 59, east to 5th Avenue and south to King Street.

Arrayed around the outer part of the map are vignettes of Seattle's a second set of Seattle's major buildings, with the dates of construction (completely replacing buildings in the first set), including:

  • The Pergola (1910)
  • Pacific Banker Building (1967) 
  • Maynard Building (1892) (redrawn entirely from 1971 version)
  • Maynard Building (no date) (unchanged from 1971) 
  • Top of Northern Pacific-Great Northern Terminal (1906) (unchanged)
  • Smith Tower (1916) (unchanged)
  • Korn Building (8889)
  • Union Station (unnamed and undated)
  • Occidental & Main (1972)
  • Mutual Life Building (1897) (moved and completely redrawn)
  • Pioneer Square (about 1900) 
  • Yesler Building (1890)
  • Engineer 14XX (1914 front -1889 rear) Station 5

The key locates the names and dates of 31 other historic buildings.


We located the 1971 copyright notice for the view, but no other record of the map's existence appears on the internet or in any on-line database.