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Interesting pair of models of the Solar System, published in Venice.

At the left, the system of Claudius Ptolemy is shown, illustrating a geocentric model of the Universe (earth at the center).

At the right, the system of Nicolas Copernicus is shown, illustrating a heliocentric model (sun at the center).

A small image of Saturn appears at the bottom center.

Antonio Zatta Biography

Antonio Zatta (fl. 1757-1797) was a prominent Italian editor, cartographer, and publisher. Little is known about his life beyond his many surviving published works. It is possible that he was born as early as 1722 and lived as late as 1804. He lived in Venice and his work flourished between 1757 and 1797. He is best known for his atlas, Atlante Novissimo (1779-1785), and for his prolific output of prints and books that were both precisely made and aesthetically pleasing. Zatta clearly had a large network from which to draw information; this is how he was able to publish the first glimpse of the islands visited by Captain Cook in the Atlante Novissimo. Zatta also published books of plays and architecture.