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A detailed map of the Shanghai region, published in Shanghai.

The map covers the area from Tongling to Shanghai, and north to south from Nanjing to Hangzhou. The major districts and provinces are marked in English and Chinese.

The map also identifies cities, towns, villages, marshes, swamps, bridges, pagodas, hills, boundary provinces, canals, and the sea wall.  

The advertisement for the map in the Geographical Journal, notes "This map will be extremely useful to sportsmen, and appears to have been published for their special benefit." It includes notes identifying "good shoot low rolling hills', 'reported good shooting country', and to the far left of the map, 'country to be explored by future sportsmen'. 

At the upper left corner,  the map includes profile views of the stone bridge and the city walls of Soochow (Suzhou).

Includes a 13 page distance table, giving distances in English miles and Chinese Li.



Condition Description
Folding map in original covers with printed title.