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John Ermine of Yellowstone was a book written by Frederic Remington in 1902.  The book was adapted by famed American playwrite Louis Evan Shipman for the theater in November 1903.

The present map was drawn by E.L. Duane in New York to promote the play's run at the Manhattan Theatre.  It illustrates a portion of the Bigt Horn Mountains, Pryor Mountains, Rose Bud Mountains, route to Virginia City, Yellowstone River, Tongue River and Powder River, illustrating Remington's protagonist John Ermine's route through the region, his encampments and points of interest in the book, including Crooked Bear's Hut, Dead Tree Butte "Where Photograph (on verso?) Was Found," Sioux Indians on the warpath, ... Cavalry to the rescue, and other notes.

Interestingly, the artist who drew the map, E.L. Duane, was also one of the actors.

The following is taken from the Nebraska Press description of the book: 

John Ermine of the Yellowstone is both an epic Western in the classic sense and a complex tale that captures the conflict between European Americans and Native Americans in the Wild West. John Ermine is the tragic character caught between two cultures, unable to assimilate fully into either. Famed artist Frederic Remington uses his pen to convey the irreparable stalemate between two groups of people in an untamed West while making a moving argument for the preservation of a truly wild western front.

James K. Hackett was the son of Clara C. and James Henry Hackett, a comedian and celebrated Falstaff.

The verso includes a number of photographs of the main characters in the play.

Nebraska Press: