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Nice example of this marvelous early map of Oregon Territory, shown extending to 54 degrees, 40 minutes, and therefore claiming most of British Columbia for the United States.

Includes a detailed inset map of the Columbia River, extending from Fort Vancouver and Fort George to Astoria and the mouth of the river as it enters the Pacific, with a second large inset of San Francisco Bay, published in the year of the discovery of Gold in California.

This map is likely the most detailed map of the region to appear in a Commercial Atlas prior to 1850. Numerous forts are shown (MacKensie, Pitt, Hall, Bourse, Kutani, Okanagan, Vancouver, George, Umqua, Nesquatty, Kaoulis, Nes Perces and others),with early settlements, Missions, a German Monestery on the Nesqually River, fur trading stations, mountains, and elevations.

The main map extends south to Monterey, with notes on the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The map may have been influenced by Duflot du Mofras, whose map of the Western United States appeared shortly before this map was issued.